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Kimber Doll

104 reviews
Meet Kimber, handmade from the highest quality materials that feels incredible. Kimber is a full-size love doll that is based off of the real Kimber. Stocked in the USA and ready to ship, purchase comfortably and discreetly

Kimber Doll

104 reviews

In stock and ready to ship from within the USA. 

Hello, my name is Kimber. I'm a love doll but unlike any other than you have ever seen or experienced before. 

I'm made from the highest quality materials and feature the most realistic characteristics in love doll existence. I'm hand made and genuine in every way. 

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About me 

Height: 5'2"
Weight: 63lbs
Age: 22
Breast Size: DD Cup
Skin Material: Proprietary Blend Flesh Compound (Learn More)
Orifices: Realistic Vagina with Detailed Appearance + Tight Anal Entry + Orgasmic Oral Feature
Internal Lengths: Vagina = 8", Anal = 8", Oral = 5.5" (approx.)
Internal Textures: Varying textures and ribbed features for your pleasure. 
Skeleton: Manoeuvrable limbs that hold positions while in use. Removable head. Standing feet now included. 
ISO Compliance Certificate: Download here

What's included

- Kimber Doll
- Blonde wig as shown
- Blue eyes
- Lingerie as shown or similar
- Care gloves for handling
- Water washing device
- USB heating probe
- Care blanket

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Full Measurements: 

Length 158cm / 62"
Bust 76cm / 30"
Lower Bust 55cm / 21"
Waist 50cm / 19"
Hips 63cm / 25"
Vaginal Depth 20cm / 8" approx.
Anal Depth 20cm / 8" approx.
Oral Depth 14cm / 5"
Arm Length 56cm / 22"
Leg Length 85cm / 33"
Thigh Circ. 49cm / 19"
Calf Circ.  25cm / 10"
Foot Length 21cm / 8"
Head Circ. 53cm / 21"
Shoulder Width 35cm / 13"
Packaging Dimensions 58" x 15" x 11"
Customer Reviews
4.9 Based on 104 Reviews
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Carl C.
United States United States
Best thing that ever happend to me She is like a real bride stunning and adoreable. Just wish her eyes would open and close . five star service AMAZINGcat

Cant wait for the future model I would buy 2 of them no questions asked. She is my covid pandemic cure. Makes me feel great every day to have her around . I gave been with the most beautiful women in the world . this doll is very special . high quality. Has a personality of her own . A real treasure . Stunning . Amazing Best teddy bear to sleep with . Very exciting to wait for her to get here . Extremely beautiful just to look at . I DROVE LIMOUSINE IN NIAGARA FALLS FOR 10 YEARS AND SAW THE DIVORCES . THIS DOLL IS A REAL HONEYMOON .Please build a head that the eyes open and close and jaw with teeth . please please .

Glenn H.
United States United States

Very pleased, wish I had got one years ago

United States United States

Very skeptical about purchase, but pleased to say am very happy with how fast delivery was, kimber is a attractive doll, well worth the purchase

Lavern D.
United States United States

I'm having fun learning all of her little qurks. She's some work to maintain getting in and out of the shower. I'll get better at it. She's fun to hang around with and showoff to my friends

Anon E.
United States United States
For the price, it's hard to beat!

I'm fairly new to the love doll world and my first doll before Kimber was a WM 108cm/3.5ft doll (curvy adult body with L-cup gel *******). I suppose it's not really much of a fair comparison, but in terms of materials and options, it's the best I can do to provide some kind of comparison. I spent months doing research and going back and forth, so hopefully I can spare you a bit of that with a detailed review. *Price: It's hard to believe she costs $500 USD + shipping, but it's legit! A TPE doll of this size and build from any other manufacturer will easily run you anywhere from $1600 to about $2200 depending on brand and amount of customization. If the only thing you care about is price, then you don't need to look further. *Customization: Kimber comes as is. If you don't like what you see...well, that's that. You'll pay more with other manufacturers, but you'll get exactly what you want. *Body: I was amazed at how soft Kimber feels! She's incredibly soft and smooth and I personally think she feels better than my WM doll. I love her overall shape. While I usually prefer more of a true bubble butt, Kimber's butt honestly looks better in person than it does in pictures. It's soft, jiggles when slapped, and looks great in whatever position you put her in. If you like petite gals, then she's perfect. At 5'2, she's just adorable and I can't stop messing with her! I only wish that there was an option for softer *******. Hers are firm and feel like implants, which isn't a bad thing, but my WM doll has gel ******* and they kind of spoiled me...still, not a deal breaker in the end. *Orifices: My WM doll's mouth has an enhanced mouth with tongue, uvula, and realistic inner mouth structure. Kimber doesn't have this feature, but it honestly didn't feel all that different. While my WM doll has a very realistic and nice feeling ****** and ****, Kimber is incredibly tight! I think I enjoyed her orifices more than my WM doll, in all honesty. I'm also not sure if the model has changed, because the placement of both holes seems to be a bit lower and more anatomically correct than what is shown in the pictures (as of this writing), making it incredibly easy to ********* either hole from just about any position. *Skeleton and joints: Kimber's limbs are stiff, but easy to move and she stands quite nicely. It's surprisingly easy to rotate her waist, unlike my WM doll which took me months, and each time I was worried I'd break her. She doesn't have shrugging shoulders and I don't think her skeleton allows for squatting, but those are features that aren't really needed if you're only using the doll for *** and/or companionship. The only area of concern are the hands and wrists. My WM doll has solid feeling wrists that rotate nicely and also have plates in the palms allowing for her to support herself. I don't think Kimber would be able to do this and unfortunately this is the only part of the doll that feels flimsy. You'll need to be extra careful with her hands and wrists. Height and weight: Considering my WM doll is basically a 3.5ft gnome weighing a surprising 50lbs, it wasn't all that bad to maneuver Kimber at her 63 lbs. If anything, I find her easier to move around than my smaller doll. However, keep in mind that if you never owned a doll before, these things are surprising heavy and even if you think "Man, I can easily lift 63 lbs", she's a human-shaped object with uneven weight distribution. It's not the same as lifting, say a barbell or a bag of cement. Even if you can pick up a body easily, keep in mind, this is dead weight. Make sure you have a good understanding of proper body mechanics, otherwise you risk both dropping the doll and possibly hurting yourself. *Verdict: It's hard to believe that such a high quality doll exists at this price point, but she does, and I have no regrets! She would definitely make for a great first doll, and I can see why more seasoned doll owners recommend her as well. What she lacks in customization, she more than makes up for with high quality at a price that simply can't be beat! If you like what you see, buy her. She's absolutely worth it!