Welcome readers! In this week’s Kimber Doll blog, we’ll be discussing the very real and often saddening reality of scams and fraudulent sellers within the industry of love dolls.

We’re writing this blog in an effort to educate first-time buyers of this kind of product, based on several years in this industry and even longer in the adult-retail industry in general. Our hopes are to point out signs for concern, how to notice possible ‘red flags’ or any potential risks for customers browsing online. 

Kimber Doll has been trading officially since 2015 and prior to this, our larger retail group has been established for 9 years at the time of composing this blog. We have seen it all, so to speak… Sellers that appear to be genuine and offer dolls that simply don’t exist, trying to take purchasers.

We all work hard for our living and love dolls are a large investment. It’s a terrible shame when we hear or see of customers having trouble with scammers or fraudulent sellers. We hear of this all too often, stories like, “I’m sceptical to purchase with you having just recently lost hundreds ($) with XXX Company.”  

Thankfully, we’re experienced enough in online retail and manufacturing that we know what customers need to make a safe, trustworthy and discreet purchase. These are the three main ingredients every customer should ask themselves when considering their purchase.

  1. Is this purchase going to be safe?
  2. Is this seller trustworthy?
  3. Is this product going to be billed and shipped discreetly?

Below we have listed some important observations and purchasing guidelines that you should look for.

  1. PayPal payments. We cannot stress this enough! Purchasing with PayPal gives each and every customer automatic purchaser-protection backed by PayPal themselves. PayPal is the safest online payment processor in the world for a reason – you have to use PayPal to protect yourself.
  2. Contact details. You should make sure that your seller displays at least two forms of contact. An email address or contact form is great, but a physical address in your county of purchasing is the best way to know that you are dealing with a legitimate seller.
  3. Does this product or seller have any verified reviews? You need to make sure that if they do, they’re marked as legitimate or verified by a 3rd party. For example, if a product you’re considering only has two or maybe five reviews with very little written, this could be a red flag or cause for concern. Most online stores hosted by WordPress, Shopify or Magento will allow for independent reviewing apps that cannot be ‘faked.’ If they’re genuine, it will say as apart of that developers’ rules and regulations, if the review is legit. For example, a review listed as, “Verified Customer/Buyer,” is a sign of legitimacy.
  4. A story. It’s a great sign if the company you are considering purchasing with has a story about their creation or a difference/unique appeal. Most scams or fraudulent sellers will try to offer a generic product with a generic level of detail; Simply because that’s what’s easiest. It’s a sign of laziness and often their photos or descriptions are copied.
  5. Speaking of photos; Do the photos of the love doll you are considering appear copied or generic? Are the images watermarked or presented with a logo that matches the seller or the website’s name? Sellers that have photos copied from eBay or Alibaba are a certain cause for concern. Genuine sellers will almost always take their own images and proudly watermark or ‘stamp’ them to prevent others from taking their images.

It’s important to note, that here at Kimber Doll we are very proud to feature/offer answers and solutions for each of these concerns. We offer PayPal payments as our only form of payment processing giving every customer PayPal’s purchasing protection. Our physical presence in the USA, UK and Australia forms part of our unique stocking and availability method which our customers love. This means we never drop-ship or air-freight any of our products. Instead, we dispatch our own products to you directly from our warehouses using a registered courier.

We’re proud to display over 1,000 genuine 5-star reviews from verified customers around the world. The story of our brand goes back for many years and our concept surrounding “Kimber Doll” and how she is handmade to a very specific design is truly unique.

Our product images are done in house on a photo set that was custom built within our Australia warehouse, large enough to house an entire bedroom set! We watermark our images with “Kimber Doll,” to ensure they cannot be copied, stolen or displayed anywhere else online.

We truly hope this helps and educates any browsers who are considering making their first love doll purchase. As mentioned at the beginning of this blog, it really is a great shame that this industry is challenged by negativity and distrust. With this guide, list of tips and ‘red flags’ to look for, we hope that you are now more aware and confident to purchase with Kimber Doll or another genuine seller.

If you have any other questions about our prices or our products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our friendly staff members and we’ll get back to you within 12 hours on weekdays or 24 hours on weekends.

Thank you for reading!

- Kimber Doll Team

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